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How to use BrytonPick

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BrytonPick replacement for floss string?

BrytonPick is a convenient interdental cleaner or flossing alternative in situations where flossing is not possible, to difficult to do it, etc. It also serves as a toothpick to quickly remove food debris from between teeth after meals and snacks.

Is BrytonPick reusable?

Yes – recommended replacement is around 30 days.
Round and blunt cleaning edges are made from flexible germ-resistant stainless steel. Between use clean it with hot water or napkin. Store BrytonPick in its credit card carry pouch.

How to use Brytonpick?

Cleaning edges are very soft and will bend if pushed between teeth (vs toothpick). We recommend sliding cleaning edges between teeth in circular in-out or out-in motion as presented on the picture above. 
*The short learning curve is required to get the feel of sliding motion. Please watch video above.


Is Brytonpick new?

BrytonPick is now on the market for a decade. It is very popular among celebrities and public speaking people as well as everyone else carrying about them health and social appearance.