Dental Floss on-the-go
to remove food debris
even with braces
or Invisalign

How to use BrytonPick

dental flossing

- Keep the mouth open in a smiling position (to avoid contact with the lip)
- Gently insert either-end between teeth
- SLIDE between teeth INSIDE - OUT

Brytonpick anywhere

Any time - Anywhere




braces flossing

Slide from behind braces
verticaly out

Brytonpick pouch
Credit card size pouch included
"never leave home without it"
- NEW to BrytonPick: use it AFTER a meal in front of the mirror
- Beginners Risk: paper cutting the lip - to avoid it; keep your lips in smiling position
- Cleaning edges may bend to adapt to your interdental shape - Cleanse with napkin, tissue or hot water
- Store BrytonPick in its credit card size carrying pouch - Use only as directed. Age 10 and up

BrytonPick = Toothpick + Floss + Reusable + Convenient & 100% Made in USA


Brytonpick 12 pack

12 Pack
+ one 3 pack FREE
Price: $19.95

- Reusable
(germ resistant cleaning edges)

- Carry pouch included
(credit card size)

- Random colors

- We ship the same day
(orders received before 2 PM EST)


BrytonPick 36 pack

36 Pack
12 MULTI COLOR 3 Packs
- 10% + two 3 pack FREE
Price: $53.87



Dental Floss with braces or without; anywhere and any time.

I was so impressed with this innovative dental floss. I had braces when I was younger and ever since then flossing is a royal pain. Using normal floss it shreds between my teeth and is hard to get the back out my mouth. Not so with the BrytonPick. The edges are soft and flexible, thin just like floss.
Kristin Donley

I have very crowded teeth and have difficulty using regular waxed floss. I have trouble getting it between my teeth and I hate the way it feels like it's going to fray or break between my teeth. Until now, because I have difficulty with regular waxed floss, I have not been faithful about flossing regularly. Not anymore! The BrytonPick works perfectly for me! I like how I can maneuver the pick in any direction, to get it between my crowded teeth. The BrytonPick is designed to clean between your teeth after every meal. It's made of germ resistant, thin and flexible stainless steel, so it can be reused for up to a month. That's what I call frugal!
Theresa Jones

I have what my dentist calls tight-teeth. I have a small mouth & my teeth barely fit in. Even my dentist has problems cleaning between a few of my teeth because they are just so tight. He really wants me to pull a couple of teeth out & get braces to fix this problem because if foods or liquids actually find their way between them; I will not be able to clean it out. BrytonPick is the perfect solution for cleaning in between my teeth. I swear BrytonPick is the first at home dental tool I have used to get between those tight teeth. It just slides through them like butter & without hurting the gums. Although, I will miss my cinnamon & mint flavors of dental floss. I won't miss how it sometimes will cut my gums from pulling so hard to get them between certain teeth. I also struggle with getting the dental floss back out again.
Joy Wood

BrytonPick is a floss alternative for those who, like me, take a long time flossing their teeth. Having a string is difficult because you have to stick your hand in your mouth to floss. With BrytonPick, we don't need to put our hands in our mouths anymore! I used it for a week already and it is still in good condition. I will continue using them. If you don't like the traditional way of flossing, don't hesitate to try this new invention!
Betty Kuang

I was recently sent a packet of BrytonPick Floss to review. I opened the envelope and thought "OK, this could be alright!" After sitting at the computer reading y emails, I suddenly found myself flossing in my teeth with this over and over. It has a very flexible and soft edging and it works great even in the areas where my teeth are really close together. It is very handy. I immediately put the second one in my purse because I know I will be happy I have this one day when out and about!
Erinn Sluka

I admit I have been guilty in the past when I have ended up with something stuck in my teeth and no floss around, to use anything and everything to get that something out...including a sheet of paper, knife, paper clip...I could go on for days. Now thanks to BrytonPick I will not have to get creative with my oral hygiene....I will keep one of by BrytonPicks in my desk drawer at work and the other with me at all-times in its convenient carry case.
I actually find these easy and pleasant to use. They don't hurt my teeth and I am able to get through my close fitting teeth very easily. Thank you BrytonPick for helping me make a lifestyle change with my flossing.
Colleen Busch

Your fabulous "floss"

My name is Nicole Sullivan. I am an actress in Los Angeles. I just received your product in my Distinctive Assets gift bag that I received for mothers day. Wow! What a great product! I am so impressed someone came up with that idea!

My husband is an avid flossier, and has thankfully gotten me in the habit. And your product is going to make our lives even easier!

Thank you in advance for our clean, healthy teeth!

These red hot hot hot lips r never ever sealed when it comes 2 "singing the praises" of BrytonPick. Why? (because BrytonPick is my pick 4 always having my 32's looking' hot hot hot . So thank u thank u thank u BrytonPick.

Love, 2 time Oscar nominated songwriter, Carol Connors.

I love it and will start recommending it to all my patients tomorrow! It's so easy to use. My Patient's can do this, and they'll thank me for introducing it to them!

Andrea Bell

Great Product! Patients tried the samples and like them- Thanks!
Kris H. RDH

BrytonPick is easy to carry. Not as nasty as floss – I like it!

Liam M. RDH

The BrytonPick has made flossing so easy I carry the pick in my wallet. It is so convenient, instead of carrying dental floss that's large and bulky. The pick is great!

Dr. E McHugh, DMD (PA)

To whom it may concern,

I am always searching for new ways to take care of myself and teeth, I was tired of the same old floss which is how I came across your product. I bought it to try out and found it really helped me. I have a spot food gets stuck in, especially when I eat popcorn. It bothers me so much I will rarely eat it. Thanks to your product I can clean that spot easily so I don't have to suffer. It is very convenient to carry in the wallet, and last longer once you learn how to slide it right. Great invention, best of luck with it, thanks for letting me enjoy popcorn again!

Jerry J.

I have always been one of those people who honestly answers "yes" when my dentist asks "Do you floss every day?" (Actually I 'BrytonPick' every day ever since I sampled my first one; dental floss just does not complete the job for me anymore.) I think I'm 'addicted' to that completely clean mouth feeling from BrytonPicks now. Don't let me run out of these, please!

Anita (TN)

To whom it may concern,

I have a spot food gets stuck in, especially when I eat popcorn. It bothers me so much I will rarely eat it. Thanks to your product I can clean that spot easily so I don't have to suffer. It is very convenient to carry in the wallet, and last longer once you learn how to slide it right. Great invention, best of luck with it, thanks for letting me enjoy popcorn again!


"It's amazing that it's taken so long for someone to come up with a product like BrytonPick. For years I've used every tool imaginable, including business cards and broom straw to remove food from between my teeth. Finally, a product that was actually designed to do this. Thank you BrytonPick."
Greg DuBose, President Branding Company, Jupiter, Florida

Thanks to my buddy I remembered I had this weird 'thing' in my wallet, so I finaly tried it and it took that piece of floss right out…I was very impressed! Thank you very much BrytonPick, it's a great idea and works for those of us who care about our teeth!

Brian .P NYC.


Love it, think it's great, use it everyday, picks the food out real good! I hate the feeling of food stuck in my teeth.

Mike, Texas

My first try with the Bryton pick/floss aid was an unusually pleasant experience. I was surprised because I have never seen or tired anything like it before. The metal 'tongue' fit perfectly in between my teeth; I have a particular gap between my back teeth where food always seems to get lodged and am especially happy to find I could use the bryton to clean this spot. You truly have a wonderful 'futuristic' invention, it's easy to hold with two fingers and convenient to store in the carry around. Thank you.

Sincerely, Rose V.

My wife works in your industry and is always giving me samples when she has extras, and yours was one of them. I had to write to tell you I like your product. I drive for a living and am constantly on the road so I like that I can always have it with me.
I was always the guy with the wood pick hanging out of my mouth which always drove my wife nuts! She thanks you also for taking that habit from me.

Jim M.

What a life saver. My mom is a dentist and she was killing me with flossing. BrytonPick saved my life.

Maya V.

Ihad to wear braces for several years. I really hated braces, but I HATED flossing with braces even more because it was so incredibly difficult and took forever. I skipped it whenever I could which didn't make my dentist happy at all. My mom bought every gadget she could find to make me floss more, but they just kept piling up on my bathroom counter until one day she ordered Brytonpick. It worked! I "flossed" from behind and was literally done in seconds. Flossing with braces suddenly was no big deal any more. Thank you Brytonpick, all my friends are using it too!

Tina W., Student, Gainesville, Florida

I like the BrytonPick for two reasons.
- It provides effective interdental cleaning any time anywhere.
- it allows my patients who are unable to perform the task of string flossing a new and easy means to clean between their teeth.

Great product!

Dr Donald Haines TUDS 8

Dear Sirs,

I am a hygienist in the NY area. I constantly hear so many horrible stories from patient about the objects they use to floss/pick their teeth, here are some: cards, hair, scissors, straws, pencils, pens, fingers, forks, knives, paper clips, and scissors! It's funny, but most don't understand the potential damage any one of these items could cause.

Since I received your samples and tried it, I have been recommending BrytonPick to my patients. A few patients have given me strange looks when I show it to them, but these are the same people who think it's ok to clean their teeth with a pencil! Like your flyer said it does take a little practice, but most people can't floss properly no matter how many times I show them, I think they can pick up your product's habit much easier. It really helps after you eat, and it's great you can carry it in your wallet! Thank you and good luck!

Toni A.

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